De toekomst is misschien wel vandaag. Vergeet niet om gisteren te herinneren.

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Vrijdag 22 Oktober 2010

'Samen voelen hoe lekker dat wel niet ligt?'

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  1. Hey... I wish I could understand at least one of your 3 blogs haha... but it's enaugh with you understanding mine haha.
    So you asked how do I add music to my blog. It is pretty easy. You need to create an account on, once you have create an account you will click on: create a new playlist. There you will have many options for a design for your player and the different songs you would like to add.
    Then you will click on save playlist and it will appear an option that says: get code or something similar, you must click on that link which will give you the html code that you will copy on your blog, as an html javascript gadget.


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